Connecticut Magazine - 2020

Compassion for Individuals,
Care for the Community

The CBD revolution has touched the lives of many Connecticut residents across a wide spectrum of backgrounds. Just ask the owners and customers of Connecticut’s Your CBD Stores, whose stories and memories reflect how this plant-based product has become a uniting force, forging new communities of people looking to live their best lives.

“Empowering others daily by
educating them about CBD and its benefits is very rewarding,”

Nakia and her business partner Katonya, owners of Your CBD Store in Simsbury, spent more than 20 years as executives in Corporate America before realizing they wanted to do something where they could create personal connections and make a real difference in their community. Harris and Howard, owners of Your CBD Store in Greenwich, previously ran a pharmacy and spa, respectively, and were drawn to CBD because of its health and wellness attributes. Kabi and her husband, Jon, owners of Your CBD Store in Danbury, felt inspired by the medicinal benefits CBD provides without causing the high associated with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Rebekah and Kevin, owners of Your CBD Store in Manchester, struggled with stress management until discovering CBD as a natural alternative to prescriptions for anxiety medications.

While the stories of how they came to CDB may be diverse, the owners of Your CBD Stores have surprisingly similar answers when asked about what keeps them loving their work. They share a commitment to helping their community learn about and enjoy the benefits of CBD in a safe and customer-centric way.

“Empowering others daily by educating them about CBD and its benefits is very rewarding,” says Rebekah. “Any and every opportunity to help others find what I have—no longer struggling to manage my stress—is a dream to me.”

Katonya agrees. “We love the satisfaction we get every day from helping our customers. Our ability to educate and provide them with a healthier alternative to over-the-counter drugs makes it all worthwhile. Customer service is a huge part of what we do, and being able to develop relationships and provide safe, high-quality products helps us better serve the community.”

The owners of Your CBD Stores are able to recommend their high-quality Sunmed CBD products with confidence because of the extensive training and education they received before opening their stores. Products sold at Your CBD Stores are closely linked to the plant-science aspect of CBD. Led by founder Dr. Anthony Ferrari, chief science officer at SunMed CBD/SunFlora, Inc., Your CBD Stores’ team of biochemists work tirelessly, researching cannabinoids and related plant compounds to create the best, most effective products. 

“At my store, the customer can expect a calm and welcoming atmosphere,”

Recalls Nakia, “One aspect of the education process that blew me away when I joined the company was the extensive webinar series created for owners. This series helped educate me and other prospective owners on the science behind the products, the trends within the industry and the background on regulations, ensuring that we have the latest and most accurate information when interacting with our customers.”

Yet education on its own is only half the equation, says Nakia. “I try to understand every person who comes into my store as an individual,” she says. By educating each person who comes into a Your CBD Store, the company helps customers learn how CBD can specifically help them. “CBD is about finding true balance, a return to their bodies’ state of homeostasis. As a medicinal plant, CBD just helps you feel like the best version of you.” The result of this personal, educational approach has been a loyal customer base.

Nakia’s approach is reflective of the shared beliefs of the varied owners of Your CBD Stores: compassionate care leads to a close-knit community. Your CBD Stores often host in-store events in an effort to affect positive change and be a centering source for the communities they serve. Events like Build Your Own Sunmed CBD Body Scrub, CBD Yoga and Life Coach Wellness Night have brought together Connecticut residents in a fun environment. Your CBD Stores community events are not necessarily CBD-focused; rather, they are about helping Connecticut residents live well in a community where they feel valued and heard.

“Connecticut is a great state filled with tight local communities in each town,” says Howard. “We love putting on events and planning special activities. It brings us closer to our neighbors and communities and, in turn, helps educate people about our beneficial, cutting-edge products.”

Nakia sees these events as a natural extension of the community formed between owners of Your CBD Stores, which begins during their educational seminars. “Many store owners know each other. We’ve formed a kinship around a desire to help our communities. We share a passion for CBD because we use the products ourselves and have seen the positive effects they’ve had on our lives and our families’ lives—we want to share that knowledge with our customers.”

“We never closed during this pandemic, and the reason for this was our incredible products and customer loyalty.”

First-time customers of Your CBD Stores can expect what returning customers already enjoy: friendly, personalized service. “We give you red carpet treatment!” says Rebekah. We offer educational information and free samples to better understand how and why our supplements are being recommended and what to expect, concluding with clear instructions and a follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction.”

“At my store, the customer can expect a calm and welcoming atmosphere,” adds Kabi. “We’re looking forward to seeing many new faces as we do our best to educate our communities.”

This welcoming, relaxed atmosphere where people can learn about CBD and which products are right for them is a big reason why customers of Your CBD Stores often become long-term customers. Recent customer Desiree says, “We could not have been happier with our visit. We spoke to the owner, who took time to explain the products. He was very honest with his opinions and gave us a great education as well as take-home reading. We got the chance to sample some items. We are very happy with our purchase and cannot wait to start the regime! Thank you! We look forward to coming back!”

“They showed me so much kindness,” recalls Amila after a recent visit. “I needed CBD and came across Your CBD Stores because it was the only one open at the time. They stayed open and waited for me to get there. Great place! Professional staff, great products.”

Being available to their customers is important for Your CBD Stores owners. Says Howard, “We never closed during this pandemic, and the reason for this was our incredible products and customer loyalty.”

“We also want to give back,” says Nakia. “At our store, we provided care packages to first responders and partnered with a local sign company to help benefit A Better Chance, a Simsbury nonprofit making a difference in the lives of academically talented young men of color from underserved communities.” Racial justice and equality are motivating factors for Nakia and Katonya, who see CBD as a way to bring people together. “We’re fighting for everyone to have the best chance in life, better health outcomes and equitable treatment.” Katonya says.

If you’re ready to change your life for the better, visit one of the many local Your CBD Stores and meet the friendly, knowledgeable staff who are ready to help you live your best life. Visit our website for more information.